It seems that most people reply way too much on the media; allowing them to spoon feed them bullshit with heavily edited videos of soundbites for their cause. I am all about finding shit out for myself and making my own judgement without media spin.

Below is a video I found on YouTube from Trump's Tuesday's (8/15/17) press conference which is mostly dominated by the events that took place the weekend prior in which a clash between alt-right and left wing liberals resulted in the death of 32 year old Heather Heyer.

Now watch the whole video

file_599551fab3689_chrome_2017-08-17_03-21-00.png Liberal media will have you believe Trump waited way too long to speak out about these events when in fact, they're wrong. Here are just a few tweets from that day from Tweet himself condemning the violence.

One Tweet

Another Tweet

One More

Trump wouldn't make a formal statement about these events for 2 days. Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN, NYT, and others decided to blast Trump for not condemning the events sooner despite Trump's official Tweets. And in the video above, he explains he wanted to know the whole story of what happen before making a formal statement.

I was a bit taken aback because I follow Trump on Twitter and knew I saw Tweets from him saying how horrible the event was. But, here the media is condemning Trump, again. Isn't it ironic how liberal media goes into Breaking News anytime Trump tweets, yet, the Tweets of him say the right thing some how goes unnoticed.

Liberals, democrats, socialists, whatever, really need to check themselves. This stupid hate of Trump is causing more hurt than anything. YES, he speaks like he's in third grade (quite frankly I think it's justified given how Americans are acting), and yes he comes off as a buffoon, and yes he's Orange. But I am sick of all the bullshit. My beef isn't with Trump, but the media. The Liberal Media. "Fake News" media.

People wonder why Trump was so successful during the 2016 election. I tell you why I think. People are sick of the spin. Sick of getting bits and pieces of one side of the story. And I think that's partly why Trump's base are so passionate about the guy.

I once considered myself a "right-wing conservative". I listened to the right-wing talk radio, I know the brain fucking that goes on. When I stopped giving a fuck about political labels, I had a new way of thinking. Thinking critically. I honestly try to understand both sides of a situation for both Democrats and Republicans and actually think for myself instead of relying on the media and the peer pressures of society.

Every fucking day it's something with the media vs Trump. Every Tweet he post, everything he says, often is taken out of context and spun like a motherfucker. It happened during the election, and it continues to happen. And no one seems to give of a fuck about the shit that's really important, fixing this countries broken ass infrastructure and bringing good paying jobs to this country, which I legitimately think he's trying to do. And I think both sides of the political spectrum can agree infrastructure and good jobs are important.

Everyone wants to jump on Trump when he does something they perceive as bad, but never want to acknowledge the real good he's trying to do for this country. Everyone is more concerned with these fucking society trolls (alt-right, SJW liberals, flat earthers).

I would have loved for that video to be 5 minutes of Trump saying a few last condemning words about the actions of his core base, and 15 minutes about infrastructure and jobs. But alas, no one in the liberal media cares about those things, just want to keep feeding the trolls...